Consultation Event

          Consultation event Thursday 6th December 2018 from 7.30pm Aldington Village Hall, Roman Road   Ashford Borough Council have drawn a map of the Village to help residents and developers have a greater degree of clarity and certainty with the policies HOU5 and HOU3a of the Local Plan 2030. Policy HOU3a […]

Arrangements for booking the MUGA

The Reynolds playing field committee at its recent meeting agreed a bookings policy for the MUGA which will allow clubs to book the facility  All bookings are to be made with the Parish Clerk who can be contacted by email on or by phone on 01233 721757 There is a user fee of £5 […]

Speed limits

The Parish Council are looking at the speed limits currently in force on the B2067 through Bonnington and along New Road Hill in Aldington which are currently the National Speed Limit of 60mph. Speed limits are ultimately set by Kent Highways and although the current levels of ‘crash data’ do not justify a lower speed […]

Calleywell Lane proposed dvelopment

The Parish Council need you to respond to this planning application please read and respond to the Borough Council by the 12th March. Detailed instructions are included.     Poster   Model letter 

Agendas 2018

Annual Parish Meeting Aldington Agenda 10th April 2018 Bonnington Agenda 8th May 2018   Parish Council Agenda 15th January 2018 Finance review report  Quarter 3 review Budget Report Budget 2018 19 Agenda 12th February 2018 Agenda 12th March 2018 Agenda 16th April 2018  Otterpool Park Investment Strategy  Risk assessment  Agenda 14th May 2018 Agenda 12th June 2018 Agenda 9th […]

Minutes 2018

Parish Council meetings Minutes 15th January 2018  Minutes 12th February 2018 Minutes 12th March 2018 Minutes 16th April 2018 Minutes 14th May 2018 Minutes 11th June 2018 Minutes 9th July 2018 Draft Minutes 10th September 2018 Draft Minutes 12th November 2018 Planning committee meetings Minutes 15th January 2018 Minutes 12th February 2018 Minutes 3rd March […]

Minutes 2017

Parish Council Minutes Meeting 9th January 21017 Meeting 13th February 2017 Meeting 13th March 2017 Meeting 10th April 2017 Minutes 8th May 2017 Minutes 12th June 2017 Minutes 10th July 2017 Minutes 11th September 2017 Minutes 16th October 2017 Minutes 13th November 2017 Minutes 11th December 2017 Planning Committee Minutes Planning Committee Minutes Meeting 9th […]