Calleywell Lane proposed dvelopment

The Parish Council need you to respond to this planning application please read and respond to the Borough Council by the 12th March. Detailed instructions are included.     Poster   Model letter 

Have your say

The Parish Council would like to thank residents who came along to the exhibition on Saturday 10th February 2018. For those who were unable to attend the following pages were the displays. Why has the Parish Council invited you today please click here What is the situation today please click here What has your Parish […]

Agendas 2018

Parish Council Agenda 15th January 2018 Finance review report  Quarter 3 review Budget Report Budget 2018 19 Agenda 12th February 2018 Agenda 12th March 2018 Planning Committee   Agenda Planning committee 15th January 2018 Agenda Planning committee 12th February 2018 Agenda Planning Committee 3rd March 2018 Agenda Planning Committee 12th March 2018

Minutes 2018

Parish Council meetings Minutes 15th January 2018  Draft Minutes 12th February 2018   Planning committee meetings Minutes 15th January 2018 Draft Minutes 12th February 2018

Ashford Borough Council Local Plan 2030

The Borough Council held a consultation on the major changes to the Local Plan with a closing date of 31st August 2017. The comments made to the changes have been published on the Borough Council Website. The Parish Council is aware that developers have responded to the changes and put forward suggestions for other sites […]

Planning for the right homes in the right places

The Department for Communities and Local Government have published a consultation entitled Planning for the right homes in the right places which seeks comments on proposals included in the document. Individuals are permitted to respond to this consultation, full details are included in the document.